Amazing Cleaning Hacks That Nobody Will Tell You About

People think that by regular dusting and mopping they are actually keeping their home clean, but this is not completely true. To achieve cleaning goals, you just can’t rely on the basics. You have to go an extra mile to get a clean space. People often miss out places that really need to be cleaned and while some stains are really hard to get rid of.

If you have spent your time scrubbing or have tried every cleaner available in the market, but couldn’t clean your space, don’t worry as we have curated some amazing cleaning hacks for you. With these amazing cleaning hacks, you will have a spotless home in no time. Continue reading to find out these amazing hacks are because nobody will tell you about them.

Fix Your Scratchy Plates With Baking Soda

Using knives and forks for eating makes scratches on the plates and we bet that there must be many lying in your kitchen. When guess come over, you might feel ashamed of placing your scratched crockery in front of them and it won’t be wise to spend money on crockery every now and then.

Instead, we have an amazing hack for you that will fix your scratched plates. With a simple paste of baking soda and water, you will be able to make your plates as good as new. Fill the cracks with the paste and leave it there for a while. After sometime, the cracks will vanish, making your plates crack free.    

De-Stain Your Bath Tub With A Grape Fruit

We are sure you must have tried every fancy cleaner on the counter to get rid of stains from your bath tub, but every time you would have failed miserably. However, now you don’t have to spend your money on any cleaner to remove stains from your bath tub as here is an affordable remedy that will get your work done in no time. While going out for shopping grocery, make sure to grab on some extra grapefruits, not for eating, but for cleaning. This amazing hack is tested by experts and has shown results, so maybe you should try it as well to have a cleaner bath tub.

According to experts, it is the best solution for dirty tubs because it is acidic in nature that helps in breaking down the stain from the bath tub. All you need to do is cut the fruit in half and cover it in salt and scrub the infected area of the tub with the fruit. Salt creates an abrasive texture while the citric acid in the grape fruit breaks down stains. It is the cheapest yet effective cleaning method one can try to have a cleaner bath tub.

Use Vinegar For Cleaning Coffee Maker

If you are a regular coffee drinker, you need to clean your coffee machine properly because there might be some gunk or stains that you could have skipped while cleaning or are hard to remove. To clean your coffee maker you don’t need to invest money on an expensive cleaner as we have the most affordable hack for you to get rid of the gunk from the coffee maker. To combat all the bacteria, all you need to do is rinse it with vinegar.

Fill your coffee maker’s reservoir with a few tablespoons of vinegar mixed with water. Run the mixture twice or thrice and then rinse it. As vinegar has acidic properties, it will get rid of stains from every corner and remove hard to get rid of stains from the coffee maker. Run the machine with water in the end to ditch vinegar smell. It is the easiest way to deep clean your coffee maker without consuming too much time.

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